Friday, October 13, 2017

YOU www
Age: 24
Size: B84 W57 H89
Online Time: Midnight
Language: JP 

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 In case
10/14 02: 00 ~ It is a meeting · ● *

Good evening dear
Thank you everyone! !
It is YOUww (Yuu)! !
It is autumn (● 'ω `●) It has become a season when I miss chat · · ❤
Jacket and cardigan, trench coat,
It is a season when coat items become fun (* '∀ `*)
I usually work for apparel manufacturers
This season is... every year is very fun, it may be the season that I love the most in a year. . . ❤
It is autumn greetings!

I will introduce myself
Hello nice to meet you First of all
Thank you for those who are always coming (.> ﹏ <.)
This is a very gentleman and friendly members only ❤
I was only with anxiety before I started chat ... but it was fun and fun ^ ^
I am realizing that I am truly happy that I am blessed with a wonderful members ♡
In chatting, I hope to see each other happily again
I hope I can do it at such a wonderful time that I can think of my feelings (.> ﹏ <.)
We will chat with priority when we are at party> <
Please let me communicate with secret message when there is something requested ... · ❤
I will try my hardest to respond (.> ﹏ <.)
Thank you (* 'ω `*)
YOU www

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